Friday, September 21, 2012

Coding is the easy part

Reflections as our first house app nears release state.

When you first start coding a new app, a lot of time gets spent in the IDE writing code, building screens, wiring up event handlers and just generally getting the flow of the app working.  After these first broad strokes, when an app starts to take shape, coding becomes less and less important.

As the project winds down, you'll find yourself tweaking colors in Gimp trying to get just the right shade of gray.  Or the prefect drop-shadow.  Or compressing the story of your app into a 58-pixel square icon.

Or you'll find yourself scanning the app stores looking for good examples of descriptive copy or inspirational screen shots.  Then you'll remember that you don't even have screen shots yet.

And have you ever composed a soundtrack?

Getting the code to compile was the easy part...

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